Travelling around Sicily

Over the years Sicily, along with the rest of southern Italy, has suffered a continuous setback in terms of Mobility Services but, to make you fully enjoy your next visit to Sicily between architectural and natural beauties, we provide you with this guide to travel around our island.

To move freely in Sicily is essential to have a car. You need only to evaluate the convenience of taking a trip with your personal car or reaching Sicily by plane and rent a car. Among the available options we have deliberately excluded the train as the transport service by rail is only a distant memory reduced to a flicker from the gradual withdrawal of the State Railways Company in the Island.
If you want to travel with your own vehicle you will arrive by ferrying from Villa San Giovanni to Messina at a cost of € 73 for a return ticket, or you can arrive by sea even from Salerno or Genoa at a cost of around €120 for the Car and a seat.

If you plan a trip to Sicily you will need to set your shifts according to your time availability and to the places you want to visit. Even though the maximum distance between two places on the Island does not exceed 400 km., due to the road conditions and the Rail Network, shifts duration can often be exaggerated. For example, a trip from Trapani to Siracusa by car, without leaving the Motorway, may take 4 to 6 hours depending on the traffic. If you do not have a car and want to travel by bus the journey can last a whole day, but it is still better than traveling by train train as you risk to spend more than 24 hours.

The main airports of the island are Catania Fontanarossa and Palermo Punta Raisi but since a couple of years, thanks to Ryan Air, also the International Airport of Trapani Birgi allows many tourists to reach Sicilly at competitive prices. In each Airport there are several Car Rental Agencies.

Palermo airport has a direct connection to the central station with a train every 30 minutes to the city on weekdays. All the airports of the Island are served by frequent buses to the main destinations.

Palermo Airport

The Airport is connected by regular runs every 30 minutes from bus and train to the central station of Palermo from which you can reach all destinations.
There are also direct connections to some destinations.
For more information just visit the website of ‘Palermo airport

Catania Airport

The airport is connected by regular runs every 20 minutes from city buses to Catania Central Station, from which you can reach all destinations.
It also has direct bus connections to the main towns nearby.
For more information just visit the website of ‘Catania airport ()

Trapani Airport

The airport is connected by regular runs to the center of Trapani and Marsala. Less frequent connections with Palermo and other towns of Western Sicily.
There are direct connections to some Cities of Eastern Sicily but you can easily hire a car. On the Trapani Airport’s Website you can find further information.



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