Fire, air, water and earth the four elements of the Aeolian Islands

It was a long time since we wanted to visit the Aeolian but the opportunity came from a short holiday in Capo d’Orlando. Here we ran into one of the many agencies that offer mini-tours departing daily from the ports of North-Eastern Sicily and Calabria. We bought tickets choosing from the many offerings:

Lipari and Vulcano, at the cost of € 38,00. The program includes a visit to Lipari, the most populated of the Aeolian Islands, after about an hour of sailing departing for Vulcano in the early afternoon and return after a stay of a few hours.

The other other major offerings are:

Panarea and Stromboli at night, indicative cost of 55.00 euro, starting in the late morning, includes a visit to the Vip Island of Panarea, with subsequent transfer to Stromboli for a visit to Ginostra, with the departure just before sunset and the circumnavigation of Stromboli to see the fireworks offered by the Volcano Stromboli, familiarly called “Iddu” by the Aeolians, and the spray of fire by night.

Lipari, Vulcano, Panarea and Stromboli, indicative cost of 65.00 euro, is almost a tour de force that allows you to visit the main islands departing at 8:15 and returning late in the evening. The trip is basically the sum of the previous offerings. In fact, it includes a stop in Lipari, departure to Vulcano at 13:00. Here you can have lunch or go to the beach. At 15:30 departure for a tour of the island of Panarea until 19:30, departure to Stromboli with the view of the spray of fire by night.

In addition to scheduled excursions you can go to the Aeolian Islands in many different ways. In fact, you can rent a boat or a raft, and even go sailing, thanks to an endless and affordable range of offers for a visit in total freedom.


Returning to our visit, we chose to visit Lipari and Vulcano. Once you get to Lipari our ship docked in the port of Marina Corta dominated by the castle of Lipari that sits on a volcanic formation overlooking the sea. Once landed we left the group to visit the island independently and we headed downtown for a visit to the castle that was built by Charles V in its present appearance, incorporating the previous constructions Norman and includes within the walls archaeological remains of the Neolithic necropolis in addition to the greek and roman churches of Santa Caterina, Maria SS. Addolorata and Maria Immacolata. Looking out from the castle walls we can enjoy the view from the top of Marina Corta and Marina Lunga the port where usually arrive the ships which we went to visit soon after. Returning to Marina Corta, along Corso Vittorio Emanuele II, along which we stopped in the many souvenir shops where you can buy obsidian and pumice stone. Besides the typical products of the Island, such as Malvasia and capers that thrive on the island, without denying us a break for refreshments in one of the many takeaways and bakeries of the Corso but before returning on the ship we went to see the murals of the Piazzetta delle arti of which we had heard about.

We left for the short crossing to Vulcano, admiring the dazzling white of the mountain of pumice stone, then along the cliffs we head East to the port of Vulcano, in which we landed shortly after to head towards the black beach of the west, willing to take a bath in a beautiful sea. A Volcano welcomed us to a wilderness where volcanic activity occurs continuously with fumaroles that continously emit boric acid, ammonium chloride, sulfur, heating even some parts of the sea, and the plume of the volcano of Fossa.

During the return trip, our mini cruise takes us on the route of the myth to make us admire the rock of the Sirens, the pool of Venus, the rock of the lion and the cave of the horse.

Islands of wind and sun, the Aeolian Islands, the “Seven Pearls of the Mediterranean” marked by their volcanic origin, are a paradise that induces escape and relax, a unique archipelago in the world,. We realize that our visit was just a taste will definitely be back to the Aeolian seven gems set in a sea of ​​a wild and unspoilt beauty who charmed us.



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