Easter in Sicily

800px-Funzione_Palme_sanLorenzo Easter in Sicily is deeply felt by the population . During the Holy Week every city or town has its own rituals and traditions that recall the sacrifice of Christ and his Resurrection. Usually, the celebrations begin with Palm Sunday and end on Easter Sunday . In Trapani , for about 400 years , takes place the so-called Procession of the Mysteries. On Good Friday at 14:00 from the Church of the Purgatory starts a procession which involves the brotherhoods and the workers of the city, which leads around all night 18 wooden sculptures, representing the passion and death of Christ. It returns the next day in the same church. In Caltanissetta , since the end of the 18th century , during the Holy Thursday takes place the procession of the Vare. Groups of statues in wood and drywall, made between the end of the 19th and the early 20th century , they move through the streets of the historic center , accompanied by the faithfuls and the local band . On Good Friday instead is carried in procession the Black Christ , a crucifix of ebony called the Lord of the City. On Easter Sunday there is joyful procession, which ends in front of the Mother Church, where Mass is celebrated.800px-Cuddura_cull'ova In Scicli, in the province of Ragusa, on Easter Sunday you can live the feast of the living Man, celebrating the resurrection of Christ. The statue of the Lord is brought out of the church of Santa Maria la Nova, carried on the shoulders of the faithful who raise it and make it swing, shouting all together Joy ! Joy ! Joy ! The statue is carried around the streets of the town, accompanied by the music of the band and by an impressive launch of flowers from the surrounding balconies . These ancestral rituals , passed down over the centuries , each year attracting thousands of visitors, who become involved with the feelings of local people, before of mourning , then of Joy , creating an atmosphere and pathos difficult to describe.



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